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Google Cloud Platform


This section describes how to create and configure E2 instances to build a kupboard cluster on GCP(Google Cloud Platform).

E2 Instance#

Kupboard clusters can be configured in a variety of ways depending on the service and application. In this example, we will create 1 server for the admin cluster, 1 server for the gateway cluster, and 4 servers for the service cluster.

You need to create 6 E2 instances as the table below. OS for all instances must be Ubuntu18.04 or 20.04. The size of additional disks should change depending services or pakcages installed on the service cluster.

ClusterInstance TypeQuantityBoot DiskAdditional Disk
Admine2-meidum <150GBN/A
Gatewaye2-meidum <150GBN/A
Servicee2-standard2 <450GB50GB <

VPC Network#

We need to create a VPC with a subnet


The subnet range must be Otherwise kupboard will not work properly.


Create a firewall for the subnet created above.

1 - 6553510.240.0.0/24
All1 - 655350.0.0.0/0

SSH Key#

In order to initialize the servers, you must first register the SSH Key. A new key-pair can be generated with the command below, and the generated keys can be found in data/certs. Go to Compute Engine > Metadata > SSH Keys and add the public key.

kupboard --keygen


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