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Kupboard, which is Atop Cloud’s cloud native platform solution, is designed and implemented from the scratch by pursuing the fundamental concept of cloud native driven by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Even though there are other solutions on the market, Kupboard’s strengths are

• Cloud Agnostic, Kubernetes Agnostic, and Docker-based orchestration platform
• Full features of CI and CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Distribution)
• Truly open source-powered cloud native platform solution

Please join us, use it to enjoy the power of cloud native technology for next-generation of infrastructure and orchestration to pursue BizDevOps.

Kupboard's Cluster Management for Azure

What is Kupboard?

Kupboard could be a solution for companies that need cloud technology but don't know how to start. Kupboard is designed to be easy for everyone to use, and we want more companies to benefit from cloud technology.

Why you need Kupboard?

Cloud Native is a key technology that is required in a cloud environment. However, many companies are struggling with: These issues have nothing to do with the size of the enterprise. This is a common problem for any company that does not have cloud native technology and experience. But you can't give up cloud technology. The Kupboard can solve many of these problems. Regardless of the size of your service, you need to save money and time and focus on improving your service.


Kollection of kupboard is a bundle of software packages and applications to install on the platform. For example, you can include open sources such as Nginx or Prometheus, and you can include applications in a container format that you want to deploy. Users can create their own kollections and deploy them through the kupboard. This is very useful if you need to manage the platform separately by project or service.

Easy to Use

Kupboard's cli commands are very easy to learn. This makes it easy for users to experience cloud native.


Kupboard was designed to be easily configurable and expandable for a wide range of services.


Kollections with a variety of packages can save you time and money to start a business.