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The kupboard provides kollection for a variety of open sources, and you can create a kollection or add download kollections. This section describes how to use kollection to deploy Nginx.

Nginx Deployment#

First, you need to download kupboard-example-nginx-1.0.tar.gz and put it in data/kollections.

kupboard-example-nginx-1.0 contains config.yaml for Nginx Package. In this config, action is defined to deploy Nginx to gateway clusters, and you can deploy nginx with the following commands:


Before kupboard-0.9.3, the configuration filename of kollection was mugset.yaml. If you have a kollection that includes mugset.yaml, simply renaming it to config.yaml will work.

$ kupboard kollection package -c kupboard-example-nginx-1.0 -n nginx [-a deploy]

If the Nginx package is installed normally, you can see the screen below in your browser when you access http://<gateway-node1-ip>


If you use the delete action defined in config, you can delete nginx installed with the deploy action.

$ kupboard kollection package -c kupboard-example-nginx-1.0 -n nginx -a delete